The Fold

Material; Cedar

“As part of DIVA at Electric Picnic 2017, I explore how my works integrates into Electric Picnic in a considered way. Creating a focal point of communal interaction, this sculptural construction, crafted from wood expresses; community, craftsmanship, material presence and explores issues of structure and enclosure. The work is a paradox existing in the realm of the ephemeral and the perpetual.”

The Fold is the result of a desire by Alan Meredith to create a sculptural work that; fitted the festival surroundings, would engage festival goers and although temporary in nature would have a sense of material presence. An interest in the use of material to create character, structural intrigue and permanence has influenced the design.

Working with artist Paul Connell gave direction to the formation of structure and gave purpose to it’s presence. The scale of the structure allowed steam bending on a scale never before attempted by Alan Meredith Studio to be tested. This has allowed techniques previously only used in furniture design to have spatial presence. 

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